Monday, 19 November 2012

November19,2012 Hannover

 Dear family,

  Thanks guys for all the e-mails that you sent me this week!! I'm really happy that you all wrote me! Charlene and Kassandra, I didn't have time to read your letters but I printed them off and I'm really excited to read them! Mom and dad, thanks for your letters and letting me know about what’s been happening with the family, the ward and Heidi. (Heidi passed away quietly after warmly exclaiming greetings to those surrounding her through the veil, on Sunday, Nov. 18)

 I need to apologize and let you know that this letter won't be long. I don't have a lot of time so I'll give a quick update on what's been happening this week. We invited R and C (Jamiacan boy) to baptism and they said they want to and will be talking to their mom about it. Next time we meet with them we will set a date and await their reply! :)
On Wednesday, we switched up our finding techniques and did what’s called 'teach to find' in Preach My Gospel. Within 6 people we talked to, we made out 3 appointments! Of course that doesn't happen every time, but it was funny that it worked that fast.
We also got pulled over by cops because they didn't know who we were talking to when approaching people. And we got a ticket for riding 'Schwarz' in the “Bahn” without knowing it. We had to pay €40 from our personal money because we forgot to buy new monthly tickets. It sucked. But except for those 2 things, this week was really good.
We taught Y on Thursday, and she's a really nice woman, but has some interesting beliefs. We're meeting her again, and I'll explain more next week.

  On Saturday, all of our appointments fell through except for Brother T, so we decided to do some door approaches and tract.   We had 2 “walk-ins” that night (opportunities to walk in and teach). One man was from Kenya, and had tried to read the Book of Mormon before, but it was hard for him. The other one was a lady who was Hindu, but not a serious Hindu. We taught her and her daughter about the restoration. The spirit was really strong and we made an appointment to come back again. It was really cool.
The Lord has been blessing us a lot lately. Also a member’s friend wants to meet with us now. Her name is B (25yrs old) and she wants to start taking the discussions. It's really exciting! If everything goes well she'll be baptized this transfer. I have a good feeling about it! We also had a random person come to Church yesterday, and we made out an appointment with her. BLESSINGS! :)

Well, family, I love you all! Jeremy keep up the good work and keep prepping for that mission. Thanks mom and dad for telling me about Colten and how he's been doing. Charlene and Kassandra, have a good week and can't wait to read your letters! Mom, and dad, I love you! Keep up the good work in your callings, and thanks for everything you do for me. Talk to you next week!

Elder Lüning

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