Monday, 27 August 2012

August 27, 2012, Hannover

Dear Lüning Family!

I'm doing well and I’m completely healthy! A little sore but that's just from playing sports and wrestling the elders on our hardwood floor, haha. The baptism was really nice this Sunday! The spirit was really strong, and the mother and her daughter had a wonderful experience. They were so excited and so happy afterwards! They are completely German, and have really strong faith in Jesus Christ which will just continue to grow. It was a really cool experience for Elder S and Elder H. They had met them just outside of the Church one day and asked them if they wanted a tour. And now they're baptized and will receive the Holy Ghost next Sunday.

   We weren't able to meet with any Fijians this week but we did meet 2 new German people from the same area who have a lot of interest! Especially one guy - he said he's been searching for a long time to find out if there is a God or not. He said he's gone through experiences that have led him away from believing in it, but also said that he's found things in the Bible that have helped him get through trials in his life. I'm excited to meet with him again. Elder W and I have seen some pretty cool miracles this week. Yesterday we taught X (Chinese student) and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it, and understood it. We both felt prompted to invite him to baptism, so I asked him. He said he wants to be baptized. But when we set a date for him in October, he was “skeptish” and said it was too soon. He said that all this stuff is still really new for him and he can't set a date yet. He said he would think of a date and work towards it. The spirit in that lesson was really strong. I asked him if he feels that we're helping him learn about God and helping his progress in getting an answer. He said that we are helping him so much, and that he loves meeting with us. We're excited to keep meeting with him. He's such a nice guy and really wants to find out if God is there. He prays, he reads the scriptures, and he reads and highlights stuff in the Chinese pamphlets that we give him. One thing that he highlighted was a part that said that before he was on the earth he chose to come here. He highlighted it because he thought that it was cool that he knew God before this life and that he chose to be part of Gods plan, even if he can't remember any of it. We're excited to keep teaching him.

Oh yeah, we had transfer calls on Saturday. Our district is staying the same! No change in our district yet. And Elder V (former companion in Forst) is coming to serve in the Hannover Zone, so I might be able to see him on some P-days and at zone conference. I was able to talk to him on the phone, and he's really excited to come and see me again, and serve in a new area!

We also had a really powerful joint teach with a lady called Frau A. We brought a member named Brother P with us and it was really good. We talked about the earth life and the atonement. He did a really good job of bearing testimony and keeping her on track (since she likes to talk a lot about different things). He's about 75 years old and when he speaks it seems like there is light glowing around him like Abinadi, haha.
Also we got a phone call from one of our progressing investigators (G) and she called us to let us know that she doesn't want to meet with us anymore. We were currently at a dinner appointment at a member’s house. Elder W started praying in his heart, and just listened and talked to her. He was able to help her see what our purpose as missionaries were and what we're helping her see. She said she'd like to see us again, but not for at least 2 weeks. She is such a nice lady. She gives us cake and juice every time we meet with her. Our last lesson with her was really good too and I think it scared her a little. But we're going to pray and wait, and see what happens!

 This week seemed to fly by, and things all seem to be a blur. I've been keeping my journal and have loved looking back at times I had in Forst. My Hannover experience has been quite different, in a personal way. I've learned new things that I need to work on myself and things that I need to start doing to become a better person. It's amazing how new companions and new experiences can make you realize what kind of buttons you actually have, haha. Elder W knows how to push my buttons haha, and half the time I don't even think he means too. I love him, he's a good missionary, and we're working hard. We're excited to see some success here this transfer. We're going to be working really hard to bring someone unto Christ, and enter into the covenant of baptism. I'm excited. 

The Book of Mormon reading in German has been going well. I'm almost done with Alma, and I need to read up to Mosiah before General Conference. I hope I make it. I love the Book of Mormon. Dad, you said you're teaching the New Testament this year. That's way cool. I've been reading the New Testament a lot to learn more about Christ and the things he's taught. I love it; I love being out here and learning all the things I am. It's really hard sometimes, but time keeps moving forward, and I learn lots from the hard times.

  Unless you sent the package to my Hannover address I won't get it for a couple weeks, lol. We have President interviews about the last 2 weeks of the transfer, so probably in about 4 weeks. And that’s when I’ll get the package. Thanks for sending me stuff! I'm really excited to get it. My mouth guard should be in that bag or in the water bottle pouch thing attached to the bag, it's blue and white...the one that Brother Wight made for me. It’s in a blue case, and if it’s not there then it's in my closet on a shelf.....or somewhere lost in my room haha. 

Mom, that’s quite the pickle that you're in with work, haha. Have fun making that decision. I was surprised that you want to work again...and good that you got your hip fixed because of it, haha.
I'll try my bank card today. I know it didn't work with the ATM's but I’ll try to buy something with it today, and if it doesn't work then I’ll let you know next week. I never tried to take out more than €50. We'll see what happens.

  Jeremy good job on keeping busy with work, you'll learn a lot from it, especially for your mission. There's a lot of things that are part of my character now, because of work. I look at some Elders who didn't work much in their life and can see the difference between those who have. You'll be an awesome missionary!
Charlene sent me a huge letter last week, i loved it! Let her know that there's better guys out there haha. Joking, but Charlene, you are doing wonders in your new calling. All callings come from God, and you got it because you deserve it. You've been working hard and the Lord knows he can use you! Kass thanks for the emails! It sounds like you are keeping busy, haha. Keep up the good work and keep being an example to your class mates!! Scott happy birthday! Sounds like you’re going crazy with work! Hope you’re taking care of my sister, haha, and keep being yourself! Well family, I’ll hear from you next week and you're in my prayers. Have fun at the Labor Day picnic! Thanks for the emails, mom and dad.

Love you all, Elder Lüning.

Vocabulary:   skeptisch = sceptical

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