Wednesday, 5 September 2012

September 1, 2012, Hannover

Hey everyone,

   So last Monday, I don't know if you noticed or not, but I tried using my MC debit card. I tried it out buying a suite that I found for 52 Euros at Pre Mark. And it worked! So, it works for buying stuff but not at the ATM's when I try to take out money. It is good to know, though. So last Monday we just went to a bunch of stores here in Hannover and went shopping around. It was pretty fun.

  The weekend before we went to a “Tier Park” called Serengeti Park. You can look it up online if you want. It was way cool and we had a lot of fun! Elder W and I then spent time filling up our week with appointments so that we didn't have a white week.

  I've been doing MMA with an investigator, lol. His name is J and he's from Ghana in Africa. Every Tuesday we've been meeting with him for an hour and doing some MMA jujitsu. It's been helping us getting to know him better, and also helping me keep my skills. I hope it helps us when we teach him lessons, because if it doesn't, and he's not progressing and making commitments,  then we're not going to spend this time with him. He's way cool, but we gotta make sure we're not wasting our time doing it. I love it and it’s so much fun, but that's not why I’m out here.

  We met with an investigator that we found on a bench one night. Her name is L and her dad comes from South America. When we taught her about the Book of Mormon, and told her that it talks about the ancestors of the people from South America, she got goose bumps. She's excited to read and meet with us again.

  We met with a member that we never met before, Schwester S. She's about 87yrs old and so awesome. We went to her house and she apologized that she was too old to make us lunch. She then gave us 20 Euros and told us to go buy something for lunch today. She is such a nice lady. We went and bought Burger King for us and also for Elder H and Elder S. I then talked to her at church and told her what we bought with her money, and told her that we were all really thankful and loved it! She was so happy and I knew it meant a lot to her that I went and talked to her at church to say thanks. She's sweet! 

  One day we rode the “Strassenbahn” for 30 minutes to get to an appointment and then the lady said she was too busy. So we tracted the building she was in and found a lady who let us in to talk to her and teach. We are starting an English class and invited her to come to it. She's very interested and wants to meet with us again!  Her name is V. H.

  We had another awesome joint teach with Frau A. Brother P came with us again and we taught her the last part of the Plan of Salvation: judgement, resurrection, and Kingdoms of Glory. It was such a great and powerful lesson. I'm so impressed with Brother P. It is as if he is a resurrected being or that he's an angel! He speaks and testifies with so much power. He has this white glow about him, and this solid conviction in his voice that is so amazing. He's about 83 years old and he's perfect to bring along.
  Later we went to a member's house to give Schwester D a blessing. She asked me to give her one with oil, and it was so cool. It was definitely hard, and my German was horrible for it, but at least you could understand it and she was happy and thankful that we came over to give her one.

   On Saturday, we went by all the Fijians in Bad Fallingbostal, but none of them answered the door. Both our appointments with the German people we found there last week fell through. So we went door to door. We found a man from Africa. He's a soldier in the British military. He's 30 years old and he's married, and has a 1 year old daughter. He's born Muslim, and kind of believes in it. He says he's open to different religions and said that when he was in Australia he heard about Mormons, so he wanted to hear what we believe in. We sat in his house with him and taught him the first lesson. It was really cool! He said he wants us to come back whenever we're in the area, because he wants to learn what we have to say. It was sweet!

  On Sunday, there was an 18yr old girl that we met the week before, who came to church because she heard about it on the internet. She watched some of the Mormon videos on the website, and wanted to learn. Last week she told us that she was going to Denmark so we didn't expect to see her again. But she was at church again today, and said she wanted to meet with Elder W and I so that we can teach her. She came to all the classes and said that she shed a few tears during Fast and Testimony meeting. She said she felt the spirit, and that she's excited to learn more. She's so prepared and it was a miracle that Elder W and I were able to experience. Her name is L. 

    After church we went to meet with our Chinese investigator X. We finally taught him the first lesson. It was so hard, because we had to explain to him what a prophet was, and a bunch of other things that he didn't understand.  He's still really new to the Bible and everything, so our lesson was really long. We felt bad once we left because we were there for an hour and a half.  He's way cool, and he loves the pamphlets that we're leaving with him, which helps him a lot. He's able to study them and learn more throughout the week when we're gone. He's always so excited to meet with us.

    One other thing that was really cool at Church today was seeing the confirmation of both D, and A. It was so cool, hearing Elder H and Elder S using their Priesthood authority and commanding them in the blessing to receive the Holy Ghost. It was definitely a highlight, lol.

  There are some things that I learned this week, and one is that planning is very important. And that when we testify with conviction, and are straight forward, people respect you more and can feel the spirit through you. It's easy in lessons, to talk around something because you don't want to offend the other person about their beliefs. But it’s better to testify of what you know is true and how you found out, and how they can find out too. And then don't take it back. Also Elder W and I are really open with each other. So when we have a disagreement with something, we let each other know, haha. It is good for solving problems or issues.  We always come to a conclusion, which is way good.

   Mom, I'm glad that you decided not to work for N F. That would have been bad, especially if everything was telling you not to. It's a pretty big sign from the spirit when you keep having unsure thoughts about it, lol. Dollarama was a better choice. I miss S; let her know that I’m always thinking of her and that I miss her!

    I'm glad everyone is doing well! Dad I’m excited that you get to start seminary soon, and that you're totally excited about it. Those youth are going to learn a lot from you. Jeremy, really pay attention to this year of seminary. Learning the New Testament, and everything that Christ and his apostles taught, is going to help you so much on your mission because that is the Book, that people who don't know about the Book of Mormon, use. You can learn a lot from it and know what the Savior taught his people. I love you all and keep you in my prayers.

   I love serving here in Hannover. The Mission President wants me to train in a transfer or two. So next transfer I could be a trainer. I'm prepping for that and hope to bring someone into the gospel this transfer. We're working really hard, and the Lord's blessing us with opportunities. We're learning from every single opportunity we get.

   Talk to you guys next week!
   Love you!

Tier Park = Zoo                   Strassenbahn = tram                  Schwester=sister

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