Monday, 17 September 2012

September 17, 2012, Hannover

Dear family,

Hey, Thanks so much for the birthday wishes!! i actually had a pretty good birthday. The K family fed me lunch and gave me a Hannover city book for my birthday! And also Elder H made me cookies, and I ate a lot of icecream, haha.

Church was way good. L came to church again, and we're having a lesson tomorrow with her! She's so cool.

The highlight of my day yesterday was that we had an amazing lesson with X and his girlfriend. He's the Chinese guy that we've been teaching and we've been worried about. But our lesson with them was so good! She doesn't know much about God either but she's way open, and they both love us! We taught them about God, prayer, and the Holy Ghost. The lesson was completely guided by the spirit. I gave them some American chocolate (chocolate bars)because they've never had it before and they loved it, haha. I was so thankful for how well the lesson went, because I was actually really nervous for it. I wasn't sure if X would tell us that he lost interest or not. But he didn’t and they're really excited to see us again. Can't wait.

  Also last week, I did my usual MMA with J. He's starting to open up way more to us. He's open with his concerns and we've actually been able to help him and teach him stuff that he accepts and that he thinks about. It's cool to see that as soon as you build a friendship with someone, they open up more and love being around you. Joseph is a good guy, and that picture is of him tapping, haha.

  I wanted to ask you guys if you could send me a copy of Ur-opa's war history stuff. I remember you showing me a bunch of stuff about him and his history in the war and stuff. I'd love it if you guys photocopied it and sent it to me so that I could read it and learn more about him.

 Also yes I did get the Bishop’s Birthday card!!! Tell him that I’m so thankful for that and that I love him and his wife! It was really, really nice of them to send it to me. Also Jocelynn sent me a card and Heidi too! Please tell Jocelynn thanks for me when you get a chance! That was really nice of them. I haven't received the 2nd package from you guys yet but know that it'll come this week!  I'm excited! haha. Thanks for everything, you guys. You're awesome!

  I was a bit grumpy the first couple of days this week, haha, just cause I’ve been exhausted but on Wednesday I just got boosted again, and the rest of the week was really good. Frau A “tschuss"ed us and also another lady. But other than that, our other investigators are still making progress. And we're hoping to get at least one of them on Baptismal date.

 I honestly love it here in Hannover and I’m really glad that I get to stay here for a while! I hope I’m here for Christmas. “Ich habe mich in diesen Stadt verliebt!” (I have fallen in love with this city!)

I love you guys and thanks for emails! You all sent me a birthday wish and a letter! Thanks a bunch; it means a lot to me! Hope you guys have a good week; you’re always in my prayers.

Love, Elder Luening

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