Wednesday, 24 October 2012

October 22. 2012, Hannover

Dear Family,

  Wow, what a crazy exciting week. I can't tell you everything that's been happening, because there is no way enough time, but this has been an amazing week!

  On Wednesday we had a missionary nightmare!  The first day in a long time when we had a completely “White Day” (no appointments in the planner), haha!  Elder B and I spent almost the whole day getting rejected as we knocked on doors, talked to everyone we saw, and called people to make new appointments. It was a good thing that we had a Zone Training meeting the day before to inspire us to work hard no matter what. Well, we made it through the day with one member lesson, but we never gave up and finished hard. At the end of the day, even though we didn't have much to show for our work, we felt good because we knew we did all that we could, and a little relieved because the day was finally over, haha! No, but seriously, we felt the Lord’s strength as He helped us have fun and keep our heads up while working diligently. I think it was a test for the rest of the week!

  Talking about the Zone Training meeting, Elder B and I gave a 'Thema' on the Role of the Spirit in Conversion, it went really well, and the spirit was really strong in our lessons. It was awesome! The whole “Thema” was “auf Deutsch”, which made it a little bit harder, but didn't seem to effect it at all.

   We met with an inactive member on Thursday, and he loved us and gave us permission to visit him weekly. He has 3 children who aren't members but 2 of them are 12 (boy) and 14 (girl) and are curious about the church. I feel maybe if we keep visiting with him and building trust with him, one day he'll invite them to listen to us while we give him a spiritual thought. He's a really humble man and his name is Brother O.

  We also managed to meet with half of our investigators 2 to 3 times this week and see them make progress because of it. Sister T's husband hasn't picked a baptismal date yet, but we're visiting with him tomorrow (Tuesday) so we'll see what he says. Our Chinese investigators are feeling the spirit in every lesson we teach, and we just need to push them to know that they've received an answer already. They all have the desire to be baptized (they’ve said it), but they don't trust that they know enough yet to pick a specific date. So we're helping them with that!

  We had an “Ausstellung” in Nienburg, and saw a lot of success from it. It was a district project, and each companionship managed to teach 2 to 3 lessons during the 1 1/2hrs that we were there. It was very successful and we need to figure out whom to talk to to be able to do it here in Hannover. I know that we'd see a lot of success from it too!

  We met with the Jamaican family too, and they're cool as always. They still have a lot of interest and we'll be able to meet with them twice a week now, because we'll be in there area, when we're teaching Sister T's husband to prepare for his baptism. I'm really excited about that. All in all the rest of our week was crammed busy and we were busy teaching people which was really awesome!

   Training is going really well. It's tough sometimes because it seems like a lot depends on me, but I absolutely love it. Elder B’s excitement is always there, and he's learning every day. Yeah, it's a big responsibility but it doesn't seem to be any harder - just takes up even more of my time, and makes me feel even more tired and ready for bed at the end of the day, haha. It's teaching me to trust in the Lord a lot more during our planning sessions and in our daily work. I love the mission. I'm so glad I made the tough choice to be here. I can't believe I've been gone for 7 months now, and 6 months in Germany on Wednesday! Time flies.

  It sounds like life is crazy busy for you, Mom, and I'm thankful that you’re receiving enough strength to complete all your tasks! Just think about it, when Jeremy and Charlene are gone, you'll have about 9 or 10 months before I come home. Enough time to catch up on all the sleep that you lost, haha!

  Wow, I'm excited for these packages, haha. Yes, people have been writing me letters, the Smee's have written me a few, and please tell them thanks for me! The Shortridge's have sent me letters and Kool-aid packets! haha. L. Silva sent me a letter a couple months ago and I've been trying hard to finishing writing her back, but haven't managed to finish it. J Orth sent me a letter and I sent her one back. The young men sent me a couple letters, and the Bishop, too. I'm getting mail at least every 2 or 3 weeks don't worry! :) Things are going well for me and I'm glad it's going good for the family too.

   I love you guys and the work is going well!

   Love, Elder Lüning!

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