Monday, 29 October 2012

October 29, 2012

Hello Luening Family!

  I was really happy to hear about all of the news from you guys, and your experiences! I know that fasting and prayer works, and I'm so happy that you taught me about the power of it. I gained the witness of it in preparation for my mission, and it's something I will never be able to deny. You guys should read Isaiah 58! It pretty much sums up the blessings and power of fasting :) I'm so thankful the Lord is blessing you. That's sooo cool that the Calgary Temple is now dedicated! I'm really happy about that!

   I've got some exciting news from this week. We finally met with J again and taught him the first half of the Plan of Salvation. The Spirit was really strong so we invited J (from Zimbabwe) to baptism, and he accepted. His date is on the Nov 18th, but we might have to push it back a bit because we realize now that that probably won't be enough time to teach him everything. We're praying and hoping that we'll be able to figure out a plan soon for him. He's a really good man, (32yrs old) and has a really good heart. He loves meeting with us and sometimes calls us just to talk. I'm so happy that he accepted the invitation.

   We taught the G family (Jamaicans), and the T's (Fijians) twice this week! On Tuesday, we played soccer with the 2 G boys (R (14) and C (18)) it was a ton of fun. Then we taught brother T and he accepted to be baptized on Nov 10th, but then his wife asked him if he was sure, and said that he shouldn't feel rushed to do it. So he decided to take a couple more days to think about it and give us an answer on Saturday when we meet him again. Well, Saturday we went by on the G family again and taught C and R the Plan of Salvation up to Judgement. They were so tuned in and interested, which completely invited the spirit. They asked awesome questions and we answered them with scriptures and it all made sense to them! Now we just need to teach their Mom, haha! We asked Brother C (another Fijian member) to come on joint teach with us this Saturday. He said to call him to confirm, so we'll see if he's able to on Friday!

   After the visit with the G family, we had a lesson with Brother T, and had also planned to teach the Plan of Salvation. We asked him before the lesson, if he had picked a baptismal date. He said he picked the 10th of November!! We're really excited and have 5 more lessons with him until his baptism so we'll have to make sure we plan them out really well so we cover everything :) I love him and his wife, they are hilarious and always crack jokes about each other, haha. They just got married in April so they haven't been married for too long, but they're really funny. They say Hello by the way! (Sister T served a mission in Virginia.)

   Well, that's kind of my big news for the week ha-ha! We've been keeping super busy, and have been spending a lot of time traveling and teaching people. Early morning Saturday we had a zone service project, in Burgdorf (30min away). Our zone got together and helped for a couple hours in the rebuilding of a Village Gymnasium that burned down last year. It was fun, and we managed to help them out a lot, which was good. It was well organized so no one was standing around wandering what to do! :)
   It's a lot of fun training. I'm so exhausted at the end of the day because I'm the one who figures out what time we need to be where, and how we're getting there, but it’s good too, because right when I hit the bed after my prayers, I'm OUT! Ha-ha-ha. Our work is moving forward. And we're being blessed by the Lord every day. We had one day this week when we spent about 4 hours going by on contacts and talking to everyone we saw. I'm not sure what made it fun, because we didn't see any real success from it, but nonetheless it was a lot of fun ha-ha. We tried a few different approaches and tested them to see if they would work, and I think maybe that's what made it fun!  Naja. Everything is going well here in Hannover!

   I'll make sure I change the names on the mailbox. I thought about it before, but never actually changed it. We changed it this morning because I brought it up while we were cleaning the apartment. So I read your letter and I realized that we should've done that a while ago. I wonder if there were other letters or packages that I didn't get because of it. I'll definitely make sure to change it everywhere I go now! That sucks!

     Anyways, I love you guys, and I'm way proud of you. Jeremy keep it up with work, and with preparing for your mission. I'm glad you're teaching your friend a bit about the gospel with the missionaries and let me know how it goes. Charlene you’re amazing, and keep working hard in your calling. I know that you probably love it! And I'm proud of you for deciding to serve a mission! Kassandra and Scott, keep being married and doing well in school, ha-ha! Love you guys. Mom, and Dad, I'm really thankful that you're my parents, and that you taught me and raised me the way you did. And I'm glad you decided to raise me in Canada, because I think it would have probably been a million times harder here in Germany. Miss you guys, and love you always. I'll pray for Grandpa,

Love Elder Luening

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