Monday, 14 January 2013

January 7, 2013, Kiel

Dear Family,

Wow!! I'm so stoked right now that Jeremy got his mission call!! Milan, Italy?!?! I would have never guessed that, ha-ha! That's so cool that Sister M can teach you Italian now! I thought for sure that Jeremy didn't get his mission call yet, because I didn't get a phone call from Elder A, or from the B family - so, boooh, -  you guys left me hanging and waiting until Monday! Not cool,J! They were going to tell me right when you emailed and share the news with me, even though I'm up here in Kiel. We all still have phones, ha-ha! Naja, definitely surprised me! And Colton got his mission call too! Woot, that's so awesome that he leaves so soon, and he gets to learn French ha-ha! Becky N went to France for her mission and had to learn French too. She'll be back around August. Bad luck, Jeremy leaving so late, but that gives you a huge head start if you keep taking language lessons with Sister Manning! Wow that's so exciting! I bet Grandpa is super proud, ha-ha. I can totally picture it right now, him with a smile on his face all the time, living in cloud 9! (That means he feels on top of the world mom, lol)

This week felt very, very long for me. I think because everything was new again, and because I got sick on Tuesday! It started with a chest cold, where I started coughing up yellow stuff, and then it hit my sinuses. But, it is a good thing that you prepped me with all of that cold medicine, Mom. I feel a lot better today, and I'm pretty sure in about 2 days I should be completely normal again. This week has been crazy busy though!

 So B got baptized in Glueckstadt yesterday, but no, I couldn't be there for that. J It was just because it was too far away, and we were way too busy to make it. I did find out though that she did get baptized and her R (the girl that came on joint teaches with us), has an older sister that lives here in Kiel, which is really cool. I have a picture with B and me so I'll send it to you guys. Also I'm writing her a letter and sending it to her. I'm so excited for her. She got baptized yesterday, and will be confirmed and receive the Holy Ghost this Sunday coming up!

So Kiel is really busy for my comp (Elder G) and I. There used to be 4 Elder's here in Kiel but for right now it's just the 2 of us. So we've been working on all of our investigators and have been busy running from appointment to appointment throughout the first couple of days.

On Friday we traveled to Berlin for a Zone Council Meeting, and that was right when my cold really hit my sinuses. My nose was dripping the whole time and my head was stuffed up. It was really cool though being at the council and seeing what Zone Leaders do and how we help President Kosak and the mission. I didn't know that we actually play a really big role in leading the mission. We stayed overnight in Berlin with the A.P.'s because it was too late for us to travel home. It ended up being too late because Elder G and the computer technician and were fixing the A.P's computer which took a little while.

 I really like Elder G. It was a little quiet at first because we were getting used to each other, and adjusting to the big change, but now we're like good friends and have opened up. We work well together, too.

On Saturday we had a District Council, (so we met with all the District Leaders in our zone) and we discussed with them about how they can improve their district meetings and how to motivate and help the missionaries in their district. It was a really good meeting. It's awesome to see how missionaries really look up to us for guidance and direction.

I honestly feel like a Golden again in this big city though, ha-ha. We have a car, so we're both allowed to drive, but I pretty much follow my companion around because I have no idea where I'm going! J Other than that though, everything’s still the same. We still do regular missionary work of course, and I'm still getting to know our investigators. I haven't met too many yet, because we've been busy, but we've got a couple that we want to set a baptismal date with.J I really like it here, I'm glad I'm getting healthier, and I'm doing well. J Elder G and I are going to kill it here in Kiel! J

I love you guys so much. Charlene, I didn't have time to read your letter but I printed it off! Thanks for writing me a bunch again,
J, you're awesome! Mom, Dad, I love you both. Thanks for writing me weekly, and letting me know what's been going on at home and in your lives. Kassandra I hope things are going well! School starts again, and hopefully those kids keep listening to you as you teach, ha-ha! Tell Scott that he's a stud, - (and stop arguing with him Kass, -he's a guy and he knows what he's doing,J ha-ha!). Na, “Shöne Gruesse” to him and to everyone at Church!

 I just received a Christmas CD from Stodderts, and a Christmas card from the Yadernucks and the Smees! Thank them for me! While I was in Berlin I checked the post at the office to see if I got anything sent there for me. I saw the stuff and took it home with me!  On Saturday we have a Zone Training Meeting! Should be fun!

I love you guys and hope you have a good week! Congrats again, Jeremy, I'm proud of you! Keep up the momentum for your preparations, but still have fun and do things you want to do before you leave for 2 years, J. ‘Cause believe me, you'll miss them while you're in Italy, Jeremy. Tell Colton I'm proud of him, and I'm excited for him, too! Love you guys!

Elder Luening

My new address here in Kiel is:

Elder Christopher Luening
Eckenförder Str. 11
24116 Kiel

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