Tuesday, 23 April 2013

April 22, 2013, Kiel

Hey everyone,
 So, I'm at the Institute Center right now writing emails. There was a carnival in Kiel with rides, so we checked it out with the Sister missionaries from here and the Sisters from Elmshorn, and S (a YSA member). We put our wallets, keys and cameras in one of the Sister’s bags from Elmshorn, and before they left for home, we took out all our stuff but forgot the keys! So they are in Elmshorn with our keys to our apartment and to our car. Yeah...but luckily we have a spare key to the apartment, and we're doing exchanges with Glückstadt Elders tomorrow so we get our keys from them tomorrow. They are at an appointment tonight with the Elmshorn Sisters so they'll just give the keys to them to give to us tomorrow when we see them! Fun! lol.
   Thanks a bunch for your talk, Dad. I'm going to print it and read it later when I have some time! Mom, I'm sure your talk was great too. Does Jeremy have his still? If he does, I would love to read it too. This week went really fast. I can't believe you only have one more week at home, Jeremy! Enjoy it!
   I can't remember if I told you or not but Elder G planted some tomato seeds and flowers in our apartment. They're growing! We were so pumped when we saw green hah. They are now about 2 inches tall and looking pretty healthy. I went on exchanges with the Elders in Delingsdorf on Wednesday. I served with Elder L in Delingsdorf. He was in the MTC with Elder B  (my companion in Forst), and I actually met him for the first time while I went to Berlin to meet and pick up Elder B. We had an awesome day together. They don't really have any investigators besides one person, and so we had a lot of time to do finding. (About 7hrs). Even though it was a long time it went really fast. We had a good plan which we made through prayer, and we were excited to see what was going to happen. We talked to a lot of really cool people who actually took the time to talk with us. It was a lot of fun and the time went really fast. We got at least 3 contacts out of that day that they can go back and visit again. Elder L asked me how I keep motivated to talk to everyone I see. It made me think and I think the biggest part was seeing what the outcome was going to be. I mean we prayed, made a plan, and now if we did our part the best we could, we could see how the Lord's going to bless us.
   On Friday we had a lesson with the new family that we met in a neighbourhood called Hühnaland. She's the lady that said we could come back and teach her 2 sons. It was so cool! Her whole family was there and they all talked to us and got to know us. The Bishop was the best joint teacher ever, and they are excited to find out more and want to meet with us again! It was a huge blessing. None of them believe much about God, but they’re not ruling it out. They want to learn more and develop the belief and faith that they've seen from us and from other people. It's so cool because that was an area where members prayed for us to work, and even though we had door after door shut on us, we didn't give up and found people and are still finding people there. It's really exciting! We also met with E, and he'll be baptized on May 12th! We prayed for the date and he agreed with it when we told it to him. He's really happy. He's going to try the quit smoking program, and then he'll be baptized! Also our Mission President sent us this link for Chinese investigators! mormonsandchina.org
   We watched the General Conference Sunday afternoon session at church on Sunday. I was so tired because the night before I was up until 3:30am with a stomach ache. I threw up at 1:30am. I must have ate some old sandwich meat or something. It sucked, but I'm still alive! My body was back to normal once I woke up at 6:30, and after I ate breakfast I was fine again. General conference was really good! I liked the talks a lot.

Other than that my week was pretty normal. The weather here has been so nice! It was 22° C last week Tuesday! The rest of the week it hovered around 15°. It's been so nice to see the sun for so long and not have to wear a coat over our suit coat. Transfer calls are this week on Saturday. Hopefully I'll stay for a long time! I love it here, and I don't want to leave again. Elder G has been here since the beginning of October so chances are that he'll be the one leaving. Guess we'll find out.

I hope you guys have a good week this week! Anyone can be there for when we Skype. It doesn't really matter to me anymore J Anyways I love you guys! And I'll talk to you next week. Can't wait to Skype on May 12th!

 Love, Elder Luening

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