Friday, 21 June 2013

June 10,2013, Kiel

June 10

So sorry about last week - that I didn't write you guys much at all. No, it didn't have to do with the floods here in Germany, but now that you mention it, you can check out the mission blog and see all the work that the missionaries have been doing in helping with keeping the floods under control.

The main reason that I didn't write is because I didn't have much time. We went to Laboe on Monday J.  I was so scared that I was going to get transferred that I wanted to see the beach and go up the tower that's out there. Lol, and guess what? I didn't get transferred! I'm staying another 6 weeks here in Kiel!! Woot!

Last week we went to Berlin on Thursday at 5:00 PM and were in bed by 11:00 PM after picking up some other elders at the Berlin train station with the A.P.'s. Then we were up at 6:30 AM, and in a meeting from 9:00 AM-4:30 PM, then on the train to Kiel from 6:00 PM -12:15 AM, and finally in our beds by 12:45 AM.

Then all of Saturday we had planning and meetings with our District and District Leaders...we were exhausted! Thank goodness that it's now P-day.

   Last week we had E. at a Family Home Evening at a young married couple’s house. (K's). We shared a spiritual thought about ways that we can live in a “manner of happiness” found in 2 Nephi 5. It was great, and then we played a goofy game where you make up dances, answer goofy trivia questions, draw pictures, and do a bunch of other funny things. They fed us dinner too, and E. liked it a lot.

We then had E. at a member’s house yesterday too, to watch 'The Testaments'! We chose Jared S and his wife Ariana (both 25 years old) as members that we want to do a lot of missionary work with. We told them and they said that it was like an answer to their prayers because they'd been praying about receiving more opportunities to share the gospel. So they’re 'In'! lol. It was a nice home to be in and to feel the spirit. It was good for E. because now he's getting a bit closer with the members. He tells us all the time that he's really thankful for the church and learning more about it because he enjoys the feeling that he gets from us and from reading in the scriptures. His English exam is in 2 weeks, so we're trying to help him get ready for it.

V. is also doing well. We're going through the Gospel Principles book with him and soon we're going to have him prepare lessons to teach us so that he has to think more and learns more J.

Thanks so much for your emails. I really appreciate it and I printed them all out last week so I could read them. You guys rock. That's tough about what happened to Jeremy. I'll be praying for him. That's so tough! I couldn't even imagine having to go through something like that. I'll write him a letter.

 I'm so excited for you, Charlene...9 more days until she's outa here!! She's going to love it. Some might say the MTC is an emotional roller coaster, but even if it is, she'll love it. I love you guys and don't worry about me. I'm doing fine. Have a great week! I'll write to you next week.

Love Elder Luening

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