Friday, 16 August 2013

July 15, 2013, Kiel

Dear Family,

Hey so let me catch you up on some of the things that have been happening this week. Last week on Monday, after we finished emailing, we headed out to G W's place to give him a blessing. He had called us and asked us if we would give him one because he was sick and wasn't feeling too well. We were happy to do it...It's not very often that you get this kind of opportunity to serve others on a P-day, so that in itself was a blessing not only for us but also for G. His girlfriend T, was also there and was able to see servants of God using proper priesthood authority for the first time in her life. He's doing better now! It's funny, they had told us that Anika is getting married and asked me if I knew her, but from the name I had no idea who she was. Of course I remember her! That was such an awesome hike up Red Mountain when she visited us! Wow, you should give G a call sometime, I'm sure he would love to meet up with you while you're here in Germany.

 After that we were able to give Sister M (senior couple) a blessing with Elder M. It was a good day of service. We play Fußball (soccer) every week and had those American members come and play on Tuesday night. It was a lot of fun, and it reminded me of how different Americans are from Germans - or Europeans in general – ha-ha. Someone asked me this week what my favorite part of Germany is, and I said, “The people!”, lol! I love them! We've also been blessed with super nice weather. I love it here when it's sunny, but there's something about living by the doesn't stay sunny for too long, lol.

   Our investigators are doing well. We had good lessons with C, E, V, and T. They are getting a bit closer to baptism, but still seem so far away. E leaves tomorrow for china. V is having a tough time getting the desire to pray about the Book of Mormon. But T is doing great! A lot of members are on vacation now, so it's tough organizing joint teaches, but we're doing well finding new and open people. We did some more finding in the area we were told to, and called a member to pray for us before we started. We spent a whole hour in one building. We taught 2 people in the building for at least 25 minutes each. They were really interested and want us to come back again this week. So we're going to bring a member with us, J It's going to be sick!

 I went on an exchange in Heide and spent a long time doing doors. We had some pretty cool conversations with people, but then found one lady from Switzerland who was something special. She had been inside the Swiss Temple before it was dedicated, moved to Germany, and hadn't heard of the church since. She took a Book of Mormon from us and said we could visit her again. Her husband had passed away and we taught her about temple sealings. She was really touched.

   Oh, funny experience. We were in the train going to Heide, and we heard a young couple speaking English, so we stopped speaking German, and started speaking English to to see if they would talk to us. The stopped talking and just listened to us. Then the boy said, 'Hey excuse me, are you guys speaking English? I'm from America!', -  ha-ha it was so funny! We invited them to sit with us. The girl was German, but had been an exchange student in Michigan where she met him. He came up to visit for 2 weeks. He's like, 'I'm so glad to be able to talk to someone. I can't speak or understand German at all!' It was really cool. We were able to talk about the church and why we were on missions. Good opportunity to talk about Christ J!

Hey, I hope you have a good time in Germany. I would love to see you Mom and Dad, but let’s wait until I'm home J.  Ha-ha. I mean, I really only have a little bit of time left, and these emails are good enough for me! I love you and hope you stay safe and continue loving the time here in Germany.

Oh, schöne Grüße (greetings) from Volker in Pinneberg. Oh, and tell Oma and Opa that I love them and that I have permission to visit them sometime on a P-day whenever they want! We'll also be in Hamburg this week in the Wartenau Gemeinde (Wartenau, Hamburg Stake Center) for a Leadership Training Meeting lol. Crazy knowing we're so close to each other! Ha-ha. I'll be in Hauptbahnhoff (Hamburg Train Station) at around 9:00 AM and at 5:30 PM...just in case you accidentally want to run into me, (since you are in Hamburg now, anyway), ha-ha!

Love you, 
Have a great week!

Elder Christopher Luening

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