Friday, 16 August 2013

July 8, 2013, Kiel

Dear Family,

One of the big things in Kiel is that the members LOVE us, ha-ha. I've been here since January 1st and I'm way tight with the members. We spoke to the Bishop and asked him where we would find people who would become strong members. He prayed and told us an area. We have a family that we prayed about and talked to and told that we want to do more missionary work with them, and asked them to pray for a street in this area where we could start our finding. They gave us a street and a referral for that street and now we are teaching them! It's so sick. We've only had one lesson with them so far but it was at the member’s house that actually lives in the area we're working in, so it was perfect. It's all inspired work,J.

Something way funny happened yesterday too. We went to check up on a contact but they weren't home. They lived in a building that we Elder R and Elder L tracted while we were on exchanges. So the people weren't home but we heard talking in the door next to them and I asked if we should try it. Elder R couldn't remember if they answered or not but we decided it would be way awkward if they had. So we laughed and decided that I would do it myself and he would go upstairs and we'd see what happens. I talked to that guy for 15 minutes, and then his wife gave me a freshly baked banana pancake! Ha-ha! She's just like, “Here you go!”  Man, it was delicious J. The man said that he had a Book of Mormon, that he's Buddhist, but will read the introduction again and think about the importance of the book. Blessings of risking the awkward, lol.!

Our investigators are struggling. C, our 3 week investigator seems to be the only strong one. E is leaving for China in a week, and won't hit his baptismal date. He'll be gone for a whole month, so he'll have time again to really ponder and consider until  he comes back. We're going to challenge him to be baptized on September 1st. - 3 weeks after he's back from China. V is staying idle. He's not progressing, and he's not changing. We fasted to find out how to help him and we're still waiting for some kind of answer. We know it'll come, but we're frustrated with how he won't take it seriously--- wake up, and find out if the Book of Mormon is true. He won't pray about it. He needs to be told by someone else that it's important. Other than that the work is moving forward. Gordian and Tina are still awesome.

I had no idea that you were leaving this week to visit Oma and Opa. I hope you got in contact with Brother Bentke in Forst. I hope you have a safe trip. Thanks for everything. You guys rock, and I wish I could write more but I'm out of time! Have a good holiday!

Love Elder Luening

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