Saturday, 1 February 2014

Jan 27, 2014, Hamburg

Mom, Dad,

I love you. You really are amazing parents. I read your emails and think about how selfless and how loving you both are. Dad, you said you changed as a person on your mission, and I don't know how anyone could go on a mission and not change...but I guess, sadly, some manage to do it. My mission President is an amazing man. He's so loving and so direct and helpful with everything.

My week was an exciting one. F., our french speaking investigator came to church yesterday with sad news that he will most likely be getting deported back to Italy on the 6th of Feb. He is appealing the case, but it's not looking very hopeful. He spoke with a member for an hour and they discussed it together. He's obviously off of baptismal date for now, but will be coming to church next week. We hope that we can find out where in Italy he'll be so he can at least continue to get spiritual strength from members and missionaries there.

    B., is now on baptismal date for the 9th of Feb. 2 weeks! J And he brought a friend to church yesterday who also wants to start meeting with us. Then an investigator from December came to church and he will be baptized on the 15th of Feb. We sat and discussed where his testimony was at and asked him if he would like to set it as a goal to be baptized in 3 weeks. He's been to a baptism before and said, “Ja. das hört sich prima an! (Yeah, that sounds prima!) We  explained how he would be interviewed then and read through the baptismal interview questions with him to see where he was at. Then we started from the beginning and taught him the Restoration. It was awesome! He felt the spirit and he wants us to make a reading calendar for him to prep him for his baptism. We're excited for him!

   I'm personally doing really well. Sometimes I get lost in thoughts of what's gonna happen when I'm back?! What's it like to be a normal person again...what do normal people do?? Ha-ha. But yeah, glad that that's still a little while away. I love it out here. I've learned so much, and I'm still learning tons.
I love you all and have a great week,

Elder Lüning

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