Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January 20, 2014, Hamburg

Jan 20

Yup, another week come and gone lol. What a blessing we have to be alive! Thanks for your emails Mom and Dad!

 We had an investigator call us, ( B., who hadn't met with us for 2 weeks because of work) telling us that he would be coming to church and that he needs to be baptized. He said,” I already know the church is true and that baptism is essential for my salvation.” He then said, “I've been blessed every day to be alive but anything could happen and I must live with the knowledge that I have be baptized and made a covenant with the Lord.” He's such an awesome man. He's 30yrs old and from Ghana, and has met with missionaries about a year ago in Russia. We need to go through the baptismal questions with him to see where he's at with his testimony and what he needs. We told him because of his crazy work schedule that if we met even for 15 minutes during the week, we could help him get ready. He participated in the class at church and asked how he could do better missionary work with his friends. He's got such a strong love for the Gospel it is amazing.

  Our other Baptismal candidate is Frank and he's doing great too. He's been to Church 3 times now and we've met with him 5 times. Because he speaks French we have a member there at every appointment and he's loving the Gospel. He told us that he started meeting with us because he was impressed that we were young, white, and had a strong love for Christ. It made him curious and respect us a lot. His testimony is growing too and he's very honest! We might have to move his baptismal date to the 15th of February from the 1st, but we'll see how it continues to go. He keeps all his commitments J

  We were also blessed with a new investigator from the Back Seniors. They invited a Chinese girl who's been here for about 10yrs now, over for lunch after church and we taught her the restoration right afterwards. She had met with missionaries for 4 years and stopped meeting with them about 5 years ago. The Lord has blessed her with another chance and she wants to meet with us again and learn more. She definitely felt the spirit during the lesson and asked good questions about prayer and answers to prayer. It was great! Go member missionary work!

 Charlene, great stories and miracles that happened to you! Thanks for sharing them! I was so excited about hearing all those things. It's like President Hinckley said, “if the members would do their missionary work the number of convert baptisms would double”!

  I'm loving the mission, I'm not “trunky” yet, ha-ha. Elder Cannon and I are working hard and we've made a game that helps us talk to people in the Bahns and buses which has been working really well! We're stretching ourselves and talking with more people than ever before! (I took some more modeling pictures but forgot my camera so you'll see them next week J )

Love you all and have a great week!


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