Tuesday, 21 January 2014

January 13, 2014, Hamburg

Dear Family,

Another week come and gone! I'm glad the Lord is protecting you throughout the bad winter weather. We have no snow at all, and last week Monday we ran around without a jacket on because we were too hot! It's cooled down since then but still doesn't get under 5°C. It's also a bit rainy now but hopefully that starts to clear up again soon. We dropped some people with whom we couldn't contact again, and found some new ones. We found a cool family. The wife is German, and the husband was born in India but has been here in Germany already for about 10 years. I gave them a call yesterday to see if they had time to meet and they did, so we'll be meeting on Tuesday. I went on exchanges with a District Leader in Pinneberg. He just got transferred there from Dresden. We worked hard together and did something cool. So, Elder C., (my companion) and I made a plan to talk more with people in the trains and buses by making a game out of it. We have to talk to at least 2 people every day, no matter what, and if we talk to 4 people we get a bonus point. If we talk to 5 we get 2 bonus points. These points can only carry over one day. If you have 2 bonus points you can buy yourself something from the bakery at the end of the day for Abend Brot. If not then “pech”(too bad)! Lol. So I told this Elder from Pinneberg about it and decided to do some Bahn-tacting (train contacting). It was a lot of fun. Since we're not allowed to proselyte in the trains and buses it gets you outside of your comfort zone. I used to do it a lot but got out of the habit about 4 transfers ago. I forgot how fun it is to talk to people about random things and how it always comes freely back to the gospel because you have a big black name tag on that says Church of Jesus Christ, lol.

   We also have an investigator on baptismal date for the 2nd of February but will probably have to move it one week back to make sure he understands everything. He's from Ivory Coasts in Africa and speaks French, and basically no German. But we have 4 members who also have their mother language as French so it works really well. We've taught him the three lessons from Preach My Gospel already, and made sure he understood everything during the last meeting. We went through the interview questions with a member to see where he was at and to show him what kind of questions would come up during the interview. He said he needs to find out if Joseph Smith is a prophet and is working on reading and receiving an answer from the Book of Mormon. He's a really solid guy and really sincere. He's been to church twice now and likes it a lot. So we're praying and hoping that he'll receive an answer and continue to build his faith in the restored gospel of Christ!

  I love this work, and love the Gospel. I also have awesome missionaries in our apartment. Elder S. has made huge changes in his life and missionary work and is an awesome hard working Elder. Elder S. is now new in the apartment and a lot of fun. He's from Brazil and I was his Zone Leader in Kiel as he served in Rendsburg. He just got here from Cottbus so he told me lots of stories about Forst and caught me up on the members there, lol. Elder Cannon and I are killing it here and having a great time. I love you all and hope you have a great week! Stay safe! Enjoy the SNOW! :)

Love Elder Lüning


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