Tuesday, 21 January 2014

December 30, 2013 Hamburg


 That was great being able to Skype and see you...or talk to you! J I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and that it was a good one! I don't really have too much to talk about, lol.

There were a lot of people that we managed to come in contact with last week after not giving up and continuing to call them every day. A lot of the new people we found made appointments with us and we have the opportunity this week to teach them. There are 2 people that we came in contact last week who are really very cool. One of them is a member and the other one is his friend. They're both from Ghana but met each other in Russia as they were studying there. The non-member was taught by missionaries for quite a while, and yesterday as he was in church he said,  “I hope and expect to be baptized soon.” He's so prepared, and we basically have to go through the lessons with him and then he's ready! They're having a hard time finding a place to live right now. The landlord kicked them out of the place they were staying because the apartment had 5 extra people sleeping there and they got caught. So they slept on the streets and then came to church in the morning. I couldn't believe it! But they just kept saying to us, 'it's no problem, we just pray and the Lord takes care of us. We are meant to 'sweat for our bread'. We all have our trials but we have the hope within us that the better days will come. We don't need to worry because we trust in God and he will help us through our trials.' They're so humble, but made sure they had a place to stay that night ha-ha, and the bishopric is helping them out too. It's such a blessing being part of this church, Christ's church!

I hope you all have a great week and enjoy the New Years!! J


Elder Lüning


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