Monday, 17 December 2012

December 10, 2012, Hannover

Dear Family,

Well, another week has come and gone. Mom, you sound like you’re crazy busy at home. I have no idea how you do it. Tell the ward that I love them and thank them for all their support. Also really thank those people that gave me Christmas money: Andersons, Redekops, Smees, and  Yadernuks! I really appreciate it and hope they know that.

I'm feeling a bit tired today, and not too sure what to write about but, I'll try to let you know what's been happening. So Be, our referral investigator, has accepted the invitation to baptism on Dec 29th! On Wed, we taught her the commandments and the word of wisdom, and she was very receptive. R, a 25yr old member who served a mission on temple square, is our joint-teach! After the invitation, we talked about it for about 10mins, and about why she had this desire, and what her expectations were. It was so cool to see how much faith she has, and how much trust she puts into her feelings and into us. She's really prepared. So now I'm wishing that I won't be too far away, so that I can attend the baptismal meeting!
We rocked the “Student Wohnheim” on Tuesday and Thursday and found some pretty cool German speaking students. We'll see what comes of it this coming week - if they really are interested or not.

 Our Chinese investigators (X and his girlfriend J Q S), came to church yesterday! It was really awesome, because they kept their commitment and attended. The hard thing is, is that the church is like 40 minutes away from where they live because they have to take the street trains. And they have to pay for the travel because they don't have monthly passes for the trains. But regardless they came to check it out and really liked it! IT also snowed big crazy Canadian snowflakes yesterday, which was a lot of fun, ha-ha. Made me miss home a little bit, but happy that I get to see some snow before Christmas at least!

This is my last week here so I'll be saying goodbye to everyone. I still don't know where I'll be getting transferred to, but the other missionaries and I have guessed that I'll be going to Leer. And if I do go there, I'll be able to come back for the baptism :). I guess we'll see, not sure when I'll find out but, I'll be sure to let you know on Monday.

Yesterday we had a big mission fast. The 3 German missions (Berlin, Frankfurt, Alpine) all fasted for more guidance and faith for the missionaries, and that we would receive more miracles from heaven. I'm excited to see how this week unfolds. I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Oh yeah, we have an idea that we're trying out tomorrow, to try to catch more people’s attention ha-ha. Elder B plays the Ukulele, so we're going to go to the “Student Wohnheim” and offer to play students some songs, and then share a message with them. It's going to be fun to see how effective it is, and see how many laughs we get from people ha-ha. I'm sure we'll see success from it, ‘cause people love stuff like that. Just thought we'd try something new, and see what happens, lol! We're always up to something embarrassing, lol.

I'm pumped that the mission papers are now in! That would be sick if you get the response letter for Christmas! I'm sticking with my guesses for where you guys are going! I hope that the Lord continues to bless you guys, and watch out for you. I love you all and hope that you have a good week! Stay safe!

Love Elder Luening

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