Sunday, 30 December 2012

December 24, 2012, Glueckstadt

Dear Family,

Wow, congrats to Jeremy and C for receiving the Melchezideck Priesthood! And then being able to give a blessing shortly afterwards...what a blessing! Lol. That’s so cool! I'm so happy to hear that. Looks like things are just moving forward. It's too bad that the mission call letter didn't come in yet, but hopefully it won't take too much longer to find out where everyone's going to be going!

Mom, it sounds like you really need those 2 days of holiday breaks! I hope you use them well and just lounge around with a clear mind, ha-ha! I'm so excited to Skype with everyone!

Things here in Gl├╝ckstadt are going really well. It's tough right now to meet with investigators because of the Christmas season. Here they celebrate 3 days of Christmas - 24th, 25th and 26th. So on those days we've been asked by President Kosak not to do doors, and to just be with investigators or members!

Elder A is a lot of fun to be with. We clicked really easily, and are having a tough time falling asleep at night because we just exchange stories back and forth at night. But it's starting to really catch up on us so I'm sure we'll be trying to take a nap sometime today for P-day, ‘cause we're exhausted. Lol.

I've only met about 4 of our investigators so far, but they all seem like really nice and promising people. I'm excited to get to know them better.

 I also, don't have a lot to say ‘cause I'll be Skyping with you soon :).

The members here are awesome! The B family is so nice, and they always want us to come over. We'll be at their house today from about 12:30 till later tonight when we have to go home! Yesterday we went caroling with them to certain people that they knew (active, less active, or non-member families). It was a lot of fun and reminded me of caroling at home with English and Deutsch songs together. They're such a good family. Also Elder A ratted me out, that I was a fighter at home, and so they Googled my name and saw some of my fight pictures. Then all of a sudden they found my last fight, the one at the Element, and all watched it! If you go on Google and type in 'Cage Rage 5 element', you'll the video that's on YouTube. My fight is about 49mins into the video. Wow, it brought back a lot of memories! The family was so nice, and really understanding and supportive; it didn't appall them or anything like that. They were cool with it. The also saw at the end of it - how I helped my opponent up on his feet right away and how I gave him a hug and said thanks. They're a loving family. Also their 2 boys are the only youth in the Church, which must be really hard. They're ages 13 and 14, but have really good attitudes about everything. They are glad that they are members because they can feel the amount of love that they have in their family. It’s really cool!

Anyways, I love you guys and I'm really excited to be talking to you soon! I can't believe how fast the time is moving, I remember how nervous I was to Skype on Mother’s Day! Those feelings are coming back again.

 Bis dann,

Love Elder Luening

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