Tuesday, 21 May 2013

May 20, 2013, Kiel

Dear Family.

  Mom, it sounds like you have been crazy busy lately. I'm really proud of you for magnifying your calling, and for how hard you're working. You've always said it's important to have a balance, and the best way to get a balance is to pray, and plan. 

   Jeremy has been writing me and he said that he's loving the MTC. It's got ups and downs like it did for me, but he's doing well! He gave me his mailing address, so I'll be sending him a post card, and a letter or so to give him a little boost.

   This has been a crazy week. E. was not baptized yesterday, but we met with him on Friday and challenged him to quit on the spot. He said, “No, I'll come to church on Sunday, and then you can come over afterwards and take all my smokes and everything.” We were so excited! We went to Church and went to a baptism in Neumünster afterwards. We then had lunch and went to E.'s. He let us in and we started cleaning his room! He gave us everything he had. His smokes, roller, packer, lighters, tobacco, everything! And then he washed all his clothes and we read in the Book of Mormon together. We then asked him if he wanted a blessing afterwards. He said, “Yeah, I believe that they work because of the last time you gave me one.” It was so awesome! He's going to try his hardest and he's got the Lord on his side helping him. He's going to need your prayers, so please add E. into your daily prayers this week.

  We also met with G. Wittenbecker  2 weeks ago (in-active). He babysat me when I was a little kid, ha-ha. We invited him to come to church and he came with his girlfriend, Tina! You can give him a call if you want, we talked a little bit about him babysitting all four of us and how crazy it was, lol. He's very good at playing the piano, too

We were doing doors at the student housing and we met 2 guys. We were on exchanges so I was with Elder S. from Rendsburg. (He's the Brazilian). We talked to them about Christ and the love and joy we feel from our faith in him. They then got curious as to why we believe so strongly on Him. We shared the message of the Restoration, and the feelings that we felt in our hearts from prayer. They then told us that they were homosexuals, and had felt this also, but are losing their faith because they aren't accepted by any religions. (Makes sense, lol). We made an appointment to bring the Book of Mormon to them and give them an answer to their concern. We found a church website called mormonsandgays.org. Our lesson with them was really good! Their names are T. and T., and one wants to read the Book of Mormon. We talked a lot about eternal marriage, and it was a really good discussion. We'll see what happens. We're going to check up on them again in 2 weeks. Right now I don't think anything will change, but the spirit has power to change people. So we'll see what happens. Yeah, it was a bit weird, ha-ha, but definitely something I'll never forget lol.

Love you guys hope you have a good week! Charlene keep prepping for the mission, and enjoy the little bit of time you have left at home! One more month! Mom and dad, keep up with the classes you're teaching. You learn so much when you prepare to teach, and feel the spirit testify of truths when you do. Our zone is doing awesome we had 2 people confirmed on Sunday and one baptized. We daily pray each week as a zone for a specific district and we're seeing a lot of miracles and unity! You're in my prayers too!

Love you, Elder Lüning.

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