Tuesday, 28 May 2013

May 27, 2013

Dear Family,

Hey, so this week has gone by pretty fast. We're doing a zone P-day so I don’t have much time to e-mail today, but I thought I would drop a few lines. I'm going to be wrestling a few Elders, ha-ha, and I guess we'll see if I beat them all or not, lol!

  We watched the Final Champions League soccer game on Saturday night. It was so good! It was Dortmund “gegen” Bayern München. We were going for the 'under-dogs' (Dortmund) but Bayern München just scored another goal 3 minutes before the second half was over. 2-1 for Bayern. We watched it at M. J.'s house, which was so cool. He's a less active member, and we'd never met his wife before. He invited us for dinner and then to watch the game. We had a great night getting to know his family which he, and we, really enjoyed. Oh, and yes we had permission to watch the game, lol.

  E. was not baptized on Sunday. We kept up daily contact with him and he was going strong until Thursday. We met with him on Friday and played basketball with him and his friends, and afterwards we sat down and talked in the cafeteria in the university. He told us that he's not ready yet. He said he's been stressed about his English Major, because he's not doing too well in it and it is causing him to stress a little bit. He was completely honest and open with us. We really thanked him and for being open with us. He said he still has the goal of being baptized and that in the meantime he's still going to try to quit smoking. But that he needs a bit of time before he can make this step. He's so humble and I care for him so much. We're going to keep helping him, and he's going to keep meeting with us and keep working on his progress as he figures things out with school. He loves us and loves the gospel. He told us how much it means to him in his life. Yeah, it is sad that he didn't make it, but really good that he still has the desire and that he's not giving up!
  Sounds like you guys are crazy running all over the place, ha-ha. Dad good job on fitting everything in the trailer and accomplishing everything on time! It's not too long now until Charlene will leave! Crazy! You guys are great examples to me, mom and dad. I love you both and keep up the good work that you are doing at home. Have a good week! Love you! Talk to you next week!

Elder Lüning

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