Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 17, 2012, MTC (snail mail)

Dear Family,

Life at the MTC is super! My German is terrible but it is better than everyone else’s. We are all learning it quickly even though we haven’t really studied through any book yet. By the way, mom, your ancient MTC German lesson book (from 1985) that you taught me out of ….is exactly the same – haha!!! I was surprised to see that and then glad that we studied out of it.
In our district we have 6 missionaries including Elder T and I, Sister L and Sister B (they knew absolutely no German), and Elder A and Elder M. Elder T and I are like best friends already. He has such a strong spirit about him. Our Zone Leaders are leaving on Tuesday for Germany so we’ll have to see who becomes our new ZLs. I was assigned as District Leader and my companion was assigned as senior companion. We’ve been so busy running around everywhere trying to figure out our schedules and assignments that we have like no time to study or write letters on our personal time.
I gave Elder A a blessing today in our classroom and it was so powerful. He’s been getting really sick from a cold and Sister L told him to ask for a blessing so he asked me to give him one. The spirit was so strong in that room. The words just flowed from my mouth 100% by the spirit. It was so crazy. I pray all the time for strength.  All of our meetings are powerful and uplifting. I love it here. It’s only been 3 days, but the only time I realize that is when I’m looking for my next class. (lost!)
I check the mail for my district everyday so I feel like Santa Claus, haha!  Everyone loves me!
Thanks for everything! I miss you guys but I’m doing well.
I love you all.  

Elder Luening

P.S. Kassandra sent me a letter using that Dear Elder thing and it is so awesome. Oh yeah, and letters from the MTC only cost me $0.35 and I get $6 on my MTC card every week! Oh yeah and I got the tetanus shot again! LOL

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