Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 19

March 19, 6:49 AM, MTC (e-mail)

Dear Family:

The MTC is crazy! I’ve been rushed through everything pretty much every day. I got a package with homemade brownies from Jocelyn! And I received the letter from you. The website works for sending me letters. It works fast too.
My companions are great.
I don’t have a lot of time because my computer messed up and erased everything, but I’ll write a letter home. Thanks for writing me!
The spirit is so strong here! I love it here and I’m having a good time. The first couple of nights were the hardest. I miss everyone! But the language is good. I’m ahead of mostly everyone and am able to help others out with what I know.
On my second day I was assigned as a District Leader!! woot haha! It’s made everything so much crazier, and I have like no time to write letters or anything, which is why I haven’t written yet.
Mom, thanks for your note in my scriptures, dad, thanks for your e-mail. I only get w-mail on Mondays- it takes forever. Please mail like Kassandra did with Dear Elder – that was awesome!
I am almost out of time – I have like a minute left to write but I will be sending a letter by mail. I love you guys so much and I’m doing so good!
The testimony meetings are so powerful, and my companion is awesome. Day 2 we started teaching a practice investigator in German! It’s going crazy. I love it here! I miss all of you!

Love Elder Luening

Note: There is a 7 segment documentary on the inside of the MTC for anyone interested in an in depth look at what Chris is doing on a daily basis. It begins with the arrival at the MTC, and follows all the activities that take place there. It can be found on google; ” An Army of Faith: Inside the MTC”

Note: It is possible for anyone to e-mail a letter to Chris at the MTC by opening a FREE account at All letters are handled without charge. A representative makes a printed copy of the e-mail and it goes in his mailbox the same day. This service is also given when he goes to Germany but there is a small postage fee of less than $2 for each e-mail. It is fast and convenient!

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