Thursday, 29 March 2012

March 26, 2012 MTC (7:41AM)

Dear Family,

So, today is P-Day (Preparation Day)! So pumped for that! Haha! This week has been nuts.
Our district had 3 practice investigator lessons this week in German and Elder T and I were able to set a baptismal date! Then we find out it is our last lesson for him, so we try to teach him about Jesus Christ. It was so hard to do. We tried to teach that he should have faith in both God and Jesus Christ but it was really hard to teach in German. We learned how important it is to be in tune with the spirit and really prayerfully prepare for each lesson that we have. Prayer is everything, and the spirit is everything. It was frustrating because our Deutsch vocabulary is pretty terrible although we are picking it up pretty quick. We basically bombed the lesson, but we did better than Elder A and Elder M. Haha! They told Benni (the pretend investigator) that “Jesus kills people”” Haha! They also thought that Benni asked, “Who killed him?” and they said “All the Jews in Jerusalem.” They were so mad and upset over it because they got the word “tot” (dead) and “toeten” (to kill) mixed up – and didn’t understand. HAHA! I laughed so hard when I found out. They did not think it was funny at the time, ‘cause the language is frustrating everyone.
So we held a district meeting and established that when we have companion study, we will go into separate rooms with our companions to prepare our lessons. It has been working so far.
On Thursday, when we had our last lesson with Benni, we found out that he might  be our teacher on Monday- we will find out today. Our current teacher was Brother Z. He is awesome!
Sister L broke her thumb playing volleyball. It’s good we still have 5 weeks here so that she can recover.
Elder G, from our zone (a zone is made up of a number of districts) did MMA at home too, so every night our conversation is about our fighting experiences. Haha!
I don’t know what else I can tell you…Oh yeah, Jocelyn (cousin in Provo at BYU) sent me a package of cookies and letters from everyone in her building! Lol  So, I got, like, 10 letters at once. It was awesome! Apparently, getting mail around here is a pretty big deal, so I really appreciate all the letters you guys send me. It means a lot to me!
Oh, yeah, Elder Oaks (an apostle leading the Church under the First Presidency) came to our MTC devotional and talked about the spirit. It was way cool! I was able to go to the temple with our district.
 I love you guys and miss you guys but I’m having a good time. Days are hard some days but prayer’s always lifting me up! I miss you and love you
Elder Luening

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